• 215 Bowl Truck

    For Ergonomic Bowl Handling.

    Bowl Trucks are available for all mixers from 30 qt. to 150 qt sizes (including downsize bowls).

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  • 223/223C/223B Mixer Tables

    Tables and Pedestals for the W20 and V20

    Mixer tables are for the Model W20 and V20 only, with or without casters.

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  • 224 Automatic Bowl Scraper

    Use with the flat beater to improve productivity.

    Better Products -Makes better cakes, icings, muffins, cookies, cheese cakes or any batter products because all ingredients are mixed at one time. No raw ingredients are left on the side of the bowl to cause lumps or dry spots.

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  • 302 Meat Grinder

    Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

    The Varimixer Economy 302 Meat Grinder is capable of 180 lbs an hour. The main body, feed screw and feed pan is constructed of stainless steel, the pusher is white plastic.

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  • 304 Meat Grinder for W5A

    The main housing and feed pan are made of stainless steel, the pusher is made of nylon and comes standard with a 1/8 inch plate. Additional sizes are available in 5/32 and 5/16 inch discs.

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  • 312VS Slicer/312GSGrater

    This accessory is available in two configurations.

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