224 Automatic Bowl Scraper

Use with the flat beater to improve productivity.

Better Products -Makes better cakes, icings, muffins, cookies, cheese cakes or any batter products because all ingredients are mixed at one time. No raw ingredients are left on the side of the bowl to cause lumps or dry spots.

When used with Varimixer’s unique beater, ingredient distribution is thorough and complete.

Faster Mixing-Mixing all ingredients at one time is more thorough and faster.

Save Labor-Save labor by eliminating stops to hand scrape.


Improve Productivity-Boost productivity by getting rid of one of the most unpleasant jobs in the kitchen or bakery.


Sanitary-Improve sanitation by keeping operators out of the mixing bowl. Scraper armature and blade structure made out of stainless steel for easy clean-up.


Complete Performance-Stiff edge sweeps even hard or chunky ingredients back into the bowl center. Food grade nylon blade fully extends to the bowl bottom.


Adjustable-Fully adjustable stainless steel armature can be repositioned for long term effectiveness.


Simple Design-Simple bayonet shaft design. Install and remove as easy as any other tool. No spring mechanism to clog or break.

For All Batch Sizes-Available for all Varimixers including downsize bowls.

Keyhole Design-Blade change is as simple as unsnapping the blade. No tools required.



  • Faster mixing
  • Save Labor
  • Sanitary


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224 Bowl Scraper Specification Sheet 2019.pdf 656 KB 8/22/2019

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