150 Quart Ergonomic Mixing System

ERGO means Ergonomic
- the ERGO BEAR is designed for the best possible ease of use and to reduce the risks associated with heavy lifting.

Simply wheel the bowl effortlessly into place in the mixer, allow the servo motor to raise and clamp it into place and then start the mixing operation. When complete, the bowl is lowered automatically ready to be wheeled to the next stage in production.


Stainless steel - smooth body surface ensures rapid and effective cleaning Fast switching of bowls also means increased productivity, giving a faster return on investment. The mixer tool is mounted at an appropriate working height - so it is quick and easy to install. The easy-to-remove Bowl screen can be cleaned in a dishwasher, adding to the already first-class hygiene. ERGO BEAR Mixers are used extensively in industrial production, the catering industry, bakeries, and the fast food industry.


ERGO150 at a glance

• Stainless steel - smooth body surface ensures rapid and effective cleaning

• Fast change of tool and bowl without manual lifting
• Shorter processing times - ensures high efficiency level
• Motor controlled by frequency converter - for more power and durability
• Removable Bowl screen - opens horizontally. Easily cleaned in dishwasher
• 20 Remix™ programs - consistent automated production
• IP-53 as standard.

• Removable stainless steel closed splash guard
• IP-54 upgrade package available


With a simple design having as few moving parts as possible, ERGO BEAR mixers give you the assurance of a stable, reliable tool which is also a solid investment in state-of-the art design and technology.


Technical specification



150 Qt Floor Mixer


Width x Depth x Height 29.7" x 51.2" x 81"

(754 cm x 1301 cm x 2057 cm)

Weight 1157 lbs (525 kg)






NOTE: Certifications may differ with various options available for this product. Please check Technical Specifications tab for additional information.






  • Stainless steel body as standard

    The ERGO BEAR 150 L frame is as standard constructed in stainless steel. Not only does this mean the body of the machine is corrosion resistant, it also means it is easier to clean thus ensuring the highest possible standards of hygiene.

  • New industrial control panel

    The ERGO BEAR Mixer is supplied with the Vari-Logic VL-4 control panel. The panel has Piezo button technology that ensures an instant response. This industrial panel is designed for easy cleaning and is dust and water resistant.
    Choose between fixed speed and the unique variable speed system.

    REMIX™ function allows you to save up to 20 programs/sequences to be replayed.

  • Correct working height and greater efficiency

    The name of the ERGO BEAR range was not chosen by chance – ergonomics and efficiency were some of the deciding factors in the design of the ERGO concept. The control panel is located at a comfortable working height so the operator does not have to bend over to work the machine. The design ensures unhindered access to the tools, so the operator has both hands free to attach, remove and clean them. Once the mixing process is completed, the bowl is lowered away from the tools. This means the bowl can be replaced rapidly, thereby increasing efficiency.The ergonomically correct working height also allows for easier inspection during the entire process.

  • Timer with automatic bowl lowering

    The timer function can be used to lower the bowl automatically once the specified period of time has elapsed. This function means the operator can leave the machine running, since any ingredients stuck to the tools will simply drip off into the bowl once the mixing process is completed. This saves precious time which can be better spent elsewhere.

  • Powerful, quiet motor

    The powerful industrial motor allows the machine to mix up to 175 lbs (79 kg) dough (50%) or 110 lbs (50 kg) mashed potatoes at a time. Operators will appreciate the fact that the motor, despite its strength, is extremely quiet

  • Automatic bowl lift

    The ERGO BEAR Mixer is equipped with an automatic bowl lift system which raises and lowers the bowl in an ergonomic, controlled manner thus eliminating the need for manual intervention.

  • Planetary head protected against overloading

    The ERGO BEAR Mixer is equipped with a 'jog' function which ensures the tool rotates slowly for the time it takes the machine to lift the bowl the last 10 cm before it clicks into position. This avoids any upward pressure against the mixer head, especially when the ingredients in the bowl are relatively dense in consistency.

  • Variable speed system

    The variable speed system (RPM) ensures the mixer processes all ingredients optimally, thus extracting the maximum value from them. The system also renders the process simpler and far more flexible.

  • No risk of oil spills

    Unlike other mixers, BEAR planet mixers do not have a gearbox that needs greasing. On a BEAR machine, the mixer head is greased for life using grease rather than liquid oil. This eliminates any risk of oil spilling into the food.

  • Removable Bowl Screen

    The stainless steel Bowl Screen in two parts opens horizontally, and is easily dismounted and cleaned in a dishwasher. The mixer can also be supplied with a closed stainless steel splash guard protecting against dust and splash from liquids etc.

  • Optimum hygiene under demanding conditions

    Upon request, the machine can also be fitted with a stainless steel waterproof mixer head which eliminates the risk of water penetration and ensures the highest possible hygiene standards even under the toughest conditions.

  • Unique bowl clamping system

    To insert the bowl, simply place it between the bowl arms. These will lift and securely lock the bowl in position until it is lowered once again.

  • Unable to operate without bowl

    A sensor in the bowl arms checks whether the bowl has been loaded. This function ensures the machine cannot operate without a bowl.

  • Bowl truck saves lifting

    With the use of a bowl truck, ingredients can be tipped into the bowl and placed directly in the machine. This reduces the amount of raw materials wasted, and avoids heavy manual lifting.

  • Dishwasher safe accessories

    Needless to say, the stainless steel bowl and the other tools are all dishwasher safe. This simplifies the daily cleaning of the equipment and helps to maintain good hygiene standards.

  • Effective scraper

    The stainless steel scraper, which is available as an optional accessory, is a patented design which eliminates the need for manual scraping. The scraper blade, which is made of nylon or heat-resistant Teflon, is easily attached without the use of tools. It effectively keeps the sides and bottom of the bowl clean. This means it is not necessary to stop the machine in order to scrape the bowl manually. It also ensures that all ingredients are utilised to the full and increases the mixing volume. In addition, it makes cleaning easier with no compromise on hygiene. The scraper blade is easy and inexpensive to replace when worn.

  • A very special hook

    The solid hook is made of hand-bent stainless steel shaped at room temperature. The result is an extremely strong hook designed to constantly work the dough downward into the bowl. This kneading process keeps the dough together and ensures it remains even and supple, thus improving the quality of the end product.The ERGO BEAR Mixer is also equipped with a time-saving feed funnel which makes it easy to add ingredients while the mixer is running.


  • 215 Bowl Truck

    For Ergonomic Bowl Handling.

    Bowl Trucks are available for all mixers from 30 qt. to 150 qt sizes (including downsize bowls).

    Learn more

  • 224 Automatic Bowl Scraper

    Use with the flat beater to improve productivity.

    Better Products -Makes better cakes, icings, muffins, cookies, cheese cakes or any batter products because all ingredients are mixed at one time. No raw ingredients are left on the side of the bowl to cause lumps or dry spots.

    Learn more


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