V30K - KODIAK Commercial Mixer

30 Quart Mixing System



BEAR Varimixer has designed the entirely new KODIAK mixer based exclusively on the needs of the end user.

Our aim has been to understand and describe our end users’ needs. By conducting extensive interviews and filming end users’ use of mixers in industrial kitchens, we have developed a new mixer which completely meets end users’ needs and wishes.


Technical specifications


Varimixer 30 Quart Counter Top Mixer


Width x Depth x Height 25" x 31" x 54"

(62.4 cm x 79.2 cm x 136.7 cm)


Weight 254 lb (115 kg)





NOTE: Certifications may differ with various options available for this product. Please check Technical Specifications tab for additional information.



  • Stainless steel as standard

    The frame on the KODIAK is stainless steel. Also the three tools are stainless steel; the beater, the whip and the hook. Not only does this mean the machine is corrosion resistant, it also ensures the highest possible standards of hygiene.

  • Space-saving bowl truck

    The new KODIAK bowl truck is your new friend in the kitchen.
    The bowl truck has a permanent height of 91.5 cm, which ensures that the bowl is transported at table height at all times. The bowl truck and bowl are moved directly in and out of the mixer at an ergonomic height and therefore you must NEVER lift the bowl and its contents.
    You save space by using it, when you fetch ingredients and during subsequent serving.
    For several generations, this feature has been sought after by industrial kitchen staff throughout the globe - now it’s here.

  • Variable speed system

    The variable speed system (RPM) ensures the mixer processes all ingredients optimally, thus extracting the maximum value from them. The system also renders the process simpler and far more flexible.

  • No risk of oil spills

    All BEAR mixers are belt driven and does not require any gear box oil, like gear driven mixers. Consequently you will not have any oil spill in a BEAR mixer!

  • Revolutionary 3 in 1 bowl screen

    Many people find the bowl screen hinders their work because it impedes access to the product and is hard to clean. The new KODIAK has a bowl screen which everyone will love working with. It is transparent, protects against dust and has an integrated filling chute. The screen is attached without any mechanical fittings, so it can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher in no time. This solution makes the bowl screen and mixer much easier to clean, helping to make KODIAK the most hygienic mixer on the global market.

  • Unable to operate without bowl screen

    A sensor in the bowl screen checks whether the bowl has fixated. This function ensures the machine cannot operate without bowl screen.

  • Dishwasher safe accessories

    Needless to say, the stainless steel bowl and the other tools are all dishwasher safe. This simplifies the daily cleaning of the equipment and helps to maintain good hygiene standards.

  • Effective scraper

    The stainless steel scraper, which is available as an optional accessory, is a patented design which eliminates the need for manual scraping. It effectively keeps the sides and bottom of the bowl clean, and ensures all ingredients are utilised to the full. The scraper blade, which is made of nylon or heat-resistant Teflon, is easily attached without the use of tools. In addition, it makes cleaning easier with no compromise on hygiene. The scraper blade is easy and inexpensive to replace when worn. Please indicate, when ordering, whether the machine should be set up ready to use the scraper.

  • Protected against overload

    The motor of the KODIAK is fitted with a frequency converter which ensures the machine switches off in the event of overloading. This reduces the number of production shutdowns and protects the motor against overloading.

  • Electronic control panel

    The electronic control panel is equipped with the unique variable speed system. The control panel also features an electronic 90-minute timer.

  • Smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces

    There are no joins or openings on the smooth, even surfaces of the KODIAK. The stainless steel surfaces of the machine body are corrosion-resistant and therefore simple and quick to clean, thereby ensuring the highest possible standards of hygiene.

  • Ready for other functions

    The KODIAK can be supplied with an attachment drive. Combined with the optional accessories that are available, the drive allows the mixer to mince meat and cut vegetables in addition to the standard mixing, whipping and beating functions.

  • Accessories for greater flexibility

    A 30/16 qt. stainless steel bowl is available as an optional accessory for the KODIAK. The related tools – a beater, a whip and a hook – are available individually or as a set. With these accessories, the machine can be used to prepare smaller portions, making it far more flexible and extending its range of application.


  • 312VS Slicer/312GSGrater

    This accessory is available in two configurations.

    Learn more

  • 224 Automatic Bowl Scraper

    Use with the flat beater to improve productivity.

    Better Products -Makes better cakes, icings, muffins, cookies, cheese cakes or any batter products because all ingredients are mixed at one time. No raw ingredients are left on the side of the bowl to cause lumps or dry spots.

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  • 302 Meat Grinder

    Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

    The Varimixer Economy 302 Meat Grinder is capable of 180 lbs an hour. The main body, feed screw and feed pan is constructed of stainless steel, the pusher is white plastic.

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