V100PL Commercial Mixer

100 Quart Mixing System

The Varimixer Model V100 is a 100 quart commercial mixer, combining an industry leading 4 hp drive with our proven variable speed transmission. This combination provides plenty of torque at the beater shaft for maximum batch sizes.

The V100 features very efficient agitators to quickly produce quality food products. The V100 can be equipped with a stainless steel automatic bowl scraper. The bowl scraper eliminates intermediate stopping during recipe preparation, saving time and improving sanitation. The V100 features a wide agitator speed range from 47 rpm to 257 rpm. The V100 has the versatility and the performance to handle all your mixing needs.

Power Lift operated from the front mounted controls with 90-minute digital timer and emergency stop.

Marine version is an option - V100M spec sheet


Technical specifications


Floor Mixer


Width x Depth x Height  27 13/64" x 46 7/64" x 62 23/32"

(70 cm x 117 cm x 160 cm)



Weight 871 lbs (395 kg)





NOTE: Certifications may differ with various options available for this product. Please check Technical Specifications tab for additional information.



  • Unit Construction

    Mixer frame of heavy-gauge, welded, rolled steel plate. Durable powder coated finish used on those surfaces not constructed of stainless steel.

  • Precision milled cast iron bowl arms

    Lower and raise the bowl and clamp it in a precise position relative to the mixing tool allowing for small tolerances between tool extremities and the bowl. Rollers are fitted to the bowl arms to assure precise centering.

  • Variable speed V-belt transmission

    Based on precision machined cast iron pulleys. Spring loaded movable pulleys in the variable speed drive for automatically adjusting of the tension of the special V-belt.

  • Stainless steel components

    Top cover, cover plate system for the movable bowl arms and planetary head cap in heavy-gauge stainless steel. Bayonet shaft in stainless steel. Molded PVC feet pads. Bowls in stainless steel. Mixing tools in stainless steel or cast aluminum.

  • Unique planetary mixer head design

    The planetary head revolves in heavy-duty ball and needle bearings around the main shaft. Precision milled beveled gear on the main shaft engages the bayonet shaft and the fixed internal gear ring through a double set of milled gears obtaining extra high torque capabilities of the mixing tools.

  • Power Lift

    Power bowl lift lets you raise and lower the bowl just by operating the front panel. The bowl raises and locks in position.

  • Timer

    90 Minute digital Timer

  • Belt

    Dual tension belt drive pulleys eliminates slippage.

  • Pin

    Locking pin on tool instead of shaft.

  • Speed

    Always the right mixing speed for the particular job with the variable speed drive

  • Safety

    Automatic stop of mixer when the bowl is lowered

  • Hook

    Stainless Steel Bowl and dough hook

  • Lubrication

    Lubrication of planetary head only by permanent grease, no oil leakages into the bowl

  • Bowl Trucks

    Bowl trucks come with a handle for easy use

  • Screen

    Stainless steel bowl screen

  • Sanitary

    Sanitary and easy to clean. Lip seal on planetary head prevents entrance of dust and water

  • No adaptors

    No bowl adapters required for the downsize bowls


  • 224 Automatic Bowl Scraper

    Use with the flat beater to improve productivity.

    Better Products -Makes better cakes, icings, muffins, cookies, cheese cakes or any batter products because all ingredients are mixed at one time. No raw ingredients are left on the side of the bowl to cause lumps or dry spots.

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