Flexlift INOX


A flexible electric solution for lifting and rotating the bowls, operated by remote control.


Flexlift INOX lifts the bowl directly from the mixer to suitable working height and can rotate the bowl for portioning or emptying of the contents.



Flexlift grasps the bowl with dual arms and handles approximately 80 jobs, before the battery needs recharging.


Flexlift INOX is in stainless steel and available in either 76.8" or 94.5" height.



Technical specification


Flexilift INOX :
Bowl lifter for 30 to 80 Qt. Varimixer bowls
Width x Depth x Height : 22" x 46.8" x 76.8 " or 94.5"
(55.5 cm x 118.7 cm x 195 or 240 cm)


Techninal data Flexlift INOX
Bowl sizes 30 - 80 Qt.
Lifting capacity 176 lb
Number of lifts per charge 80
Power supply 110 V 

Battery, rechargeable,


24 V
Material Stainless steel 
Weight 165 lb / 174 lb 



  • Lifts heavy bowls with ease


      • Strong stainless steel construction
      • grasps the bowl with dual arms
      • The turning unit allows for turning the bowl sideways and upside down
      • Handles approximately 80 jobs, before the battery needs recharging
      • Available in either 76 3/4" or 94 1/2" height
      • Flexlift INOX can handle from 30 to 80 quarts bowls and lifts up to 176 lb of ingredients



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