Tool Innovation - Mixers for Professionals

Tool Innovation - Mixers for Professionals

In 1915, a young Danish mechanic founded Varimixer with the focus on developing mixers for professional users. Today, his legacy continues through our dedication to customer-focused innovation. Our mixers are designed with the strength, durability, and artisanship our customers need - and so are our tools; each made with the use requirement in mind. The material, craftsmanship and added features all play a part in distinguishing our mixing tools from the rest.

Varimixer Blacksmithvarimixer dough hook innovation

Dough Hook

You've never seen a dough hook bend like this before. These hand-made tools are made with attention to detail and professional pride by Erik, a veteran blacksmith. Seven unique bends are made on a single solid stainless steel rod to create the world's most effective dough hook. Dough is kneaded and pushed down into the bowl so it doesn't "climb" the tool, removing the need for a plate at the top. Double pins are added to the hook rather than the planetary bayonet for reinforcement and easier, more cost-effective tool replacement. 


varimixer wire whip innovationvarimixer-whip-construction

Wire Whip

Our handcrafted wire whip attachments deliver outstanding results in record time. Hand-bent wires interlace for a tight fit, improving durability of the tool and quality of the mix. Smaller gaps between wires cut down on product getting stuck, which helps more of the ingredients incorporate properly. The KODIAK  wire whip has a wider design for faster tip speed when mixing, giving the best mix possible. For heavier batches, Varimixer offers a heavy-duty whip, a reinforced whip and a wing whip. 


varimixer beaterFlat Beater

varimixer flat beater design

This mixing tool is more than a flat beater. Instead of the ingredients being flatly agitated around the bowl aimlessly, the ingredients are churned downward and inward while circulating the perimeter of the bowl. The vertical and transverse ribs are angled to create optimum turbulence in the ingredients during mixing. Rather than having rounded bars connecting inside the beater frame, twisted blades provide a better, more thorough mix in less time. 



Add On Accessories

Bowl Scrapers
The bowl scraper is a powerful addition to a mixer, helping incorporate batter into the mix. As the nylon blade tightly circumnavigaes the inside of the bowl, all ingredients are churned back into the mix and none are left unmixed. V-Series and ERGO mixers have optional brackets to add the bowl scraper if needed, and the KODIAK series has a scraper bayonet built in.



Tool Racks
There is more to Varimixer accessories than the standard attachments. Tool storage is made simple with the wall-mounted attachment rack, available in two sizes for 10-40 quart or 60-150 quart mixers. In addition, these will put your high-quality tools on display while also freeing up more storage in your workspace.


Maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your mixer can help deliver the best quality product possible, no matter the size of your operation. If you are interested in innovating your mixing space, visit our product page, or reach out to your Varimixer representative.

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