Ergo Professional Mixers

100 qt. and 150 qt.

Ergonomic design is the hallmark of these mixers, with angled control panels, user-friendly operation and features to cut out heavy lifting. Automatic bowl lowering saves operators the hassle of handling full bowls and cumbersome attachments. The ERGO series makes mixing a breeze.




Hard Work Made Easy

Built for the biggest batches and heaviest mixing, the ERGO series makes light work of even the biggest jobs. Ergonomic design and an IP53 standard rating make operation and cleaning simple. Automatic bowl lowering allows the operator to leave the mixing attachement connected when transferring the batch to a countertop. Large-batch mixing is simplified with the ERGO series by Varimixer.


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  • Smooth body surface ensure rapid and effective cleaning available in white powder coat or stainless steel
  • IP53 standard rating for hosing down, IP54 upgrade available waterproofs the planetary head
  • Fast changing of mixing tool and bowl without manual lifting for more ergonomic operation
  • Motor controlled by frequency converter for power and durability
  • 20 Remix programs for consistent automated production with up to 100 steps per function - set speeds, durations and pauses with one programmed button
  • Piezo button technology on angled control panel with digital timer and automatic bowl lowering - simple operation from an easy-to-clean panel
  • Removable bowl guard is dishwasher safe and opens horizontally for easy access
  • Comes with stainless steel dough hook, whip, flat beater and bowl
  • Two-year parts & labor warranty
Product Attachment ERGO100 ERGO150
Mashed Potatoes  Whip or Beater  76 lbs.  110 lbs.
Whipped Cream Whip 20 qt. 32 qt.
Muffins Beater 125 lbs. 195 lbs.
Pie Dough Beater 95 lbs. 135 lbs.
Layer Cake Beater 125 lbs. 175 lbs.
Pancake Batter Whip or Beater 44 lbs. 50 lbs.
Cookie Dough Beater or Hook 105 lbs. 160 lbs.
Donuts, Cake Beater 140 lbs. 225 lbs.
Bread Dough (65% AR) Hook 155 lbs. 190 lbs.
Pizza Dough (50% AR) Hook 135 lbs. 175 lbs.