Kodiak Commercial Mixers

20 qt. Bench or Floor Mixers

Unique, groundbreaking mixers that make the work very simple. Arguably the most ergonomic, hygienic and advanced 20 quart mixers on the market. With a wide variety of applications, the Kodiak mixer is a great match for almost any kitchen. Bench and floor models are available, with a bowl truck included with the floor model.





The Kodiak offers a user experience rarely found in a mixer, with intuitive controls, ergonomic features and reliable performance. These 20 qt. mixers are so easy to use, you have to see it to believe it.


kodiak video thumb

  • Powerful 1 hp motor with variable speed drive
  • IP44 rated
  • Wide agitator speed range from 64 to 353 RPMs
  • Attachment hub with 57 to 314 RPM speed
  • Stainless steel frame with smooth surfaces for durability and easy cleaning
  • High torque transmission
  • Grease lubricated, anti friction ball bearings
  • Permanently lubricated planetary head and attachment hub case
  • Locking pin on tools instead of shaft
  • Interlock automatically turns the mixer off if bowl screen is tilted or bowl is lowered
  • Overload protection and no voltage release¬†
  • Removable foodgrade polycarbonate bowl screen
  • Integrated filling chute with silicone instert, great for incorporating hot liquids into mix
  • Tilted control panel with timer, automatic speed regulation and emergency stop - beveled design allows operator to see into bowl while mixing
  • Four height adjustable legs - floor model
  • Two heigh adjustable legs - table model
  • High bowl trolley - mixing, transporting and portioning is carried out in ergonomic height¬†
  • 6 foot cord¬†
  • ETL and NSF listed
Mashed Potatoes  Whip or Beater  26.4 lbs.
Whipped Cream Whip 5 qt.
Muffins Beater 30 lbs.
Pie Dough Beater  lbs.
Layer Cake Beater 11 lbs.
Pancake Batter Whip or Beater  qts.
Cookie Dough Beater or Hook  lbs.
Donuts, Cake Beater  lbs.
Bread Dough (65% AR) Hook 23 lbs.
Pizza Dough (50% AR) Hook 22 lbs.