100% Stainless Steel

While many features make Varimixer stand apart from the competition, few things offer as many benefits as 100% stainless steel construction. Find solutions unique in the market only with Varimixer, dedicated to innovative operation, cleaning and food safety. Find out how a full stainless steel mixer reduces cleaning time, lifecycle cost and food risk.


Something for Everyone

Varimixer offers a stainless steel option in all bench and floor mixer models. The KODIAK line comes standard with stainess steel construction and IP44 ratings in 10 and 20 quart capacities. V-Series mixers offer stainless steel marine models, designed for life at sea with rubber seals, added ventilation and IP44 ratings. The ERGO line is available in a standard IP53 rated stainless steel with an optional IP54 upgrade, giving operators the ability to hose down the mixer. All of these outstanding mixers are backed by an industry-leading 2 year parts & labor warranty.

Varimixer Stainless Steel Mixers


Unmatched Hygiene

Win the fight against rust and food contamination with non-corrosive stainless steel. Faster, easier, more thorough cleaning and sanitation is made possible with the world's only washable mixer.

Ace Inspections

Pass the food safety inspection with flying colors with stainless steel mixers that are easier to keep clean than traditional mixers with more harborage points for food debris.

food safety inspection

mixer rust

Fight Rust & Reduce Repair Cost

Without the rusting and wear over time of traditional mixers, stainless steel models hold up longer over time with less cost for maintenance and repairs. These mixers are designed to last a lifetime. 

Ready to Buy?

If you're ready to add a stainless steel mixer to your operation, buy online with one of our Click & Brick dealer partners or find a dealer near you. If you're not sure what mixer best fits your needs, use our Mixer Capacity Calculator or speak to your Sales Rep.